Thought Dump #11

The more nihilistic we are, the more things we find cringe-worthy. Spending time with your family? Cringe! Trying hard to achieve a goal? Double cringe! The devil probably thinks God is totally cringe.

The best way to learn a new word is to learn its etymology, as that’s the root of all its various meanings.

If you’re not a hypocrite, the standards you hold yourself to are too low.

Why self-help is garbage: we already know what we should do. What we lack is the strength to do it. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #10

War’s more momentum than strategy, more luck than skill, more checkers than chess.

No one’s his own worst critic, least of all those who claim to be.

Strength of character is basically the number of things you can say “No” to.

Lying is a form of theft. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #9

To have one influence is plagiarism, to have ten is creativity.

You’ll stop being used when you stop being useful.

No one’s screwed up his life so badly he feels unqualified to give advice.

Schopenhauer’s essays are long but concise, because each of his sentences is jam-packed with meaning. On the other hand, a BuzzFeed article is short but long-winded, because it is mindless. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #8

Thinkers admire doers; doers rarely reciprocate.

If all your opinions are promoted by all the people who make all the decisions all the time, you’re probably not the rebel you think you are.

Just because you’re poor, unsuccessful, weak, and unlikable doesn’t mean you’re not a self-made man.

Logic is just the morality of thinking. [ . . . ]

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How the Transcendental Argument Proves Atheism Is Incoherent

The transcendental argument for the existence of God usually has something like the following form: (1) logical absolutes imply a transcendent mind, because nothing short of a transcendent mind is adequate to explain why they should exist; (2) logical absolutes exist, therefore a transcendent mind exists. Dostoyevsky’s “If God doesn’t exist, everything is permitted” is also a kind of transcendental argument; like all such arguments, it seeks to prove the existence of God by demonstrating the absurdity of the contrary.

According to the transcendental argument, God is the necessary precondition for universal categories, such as logic, morality, the uniformity of nature, etc. Why’s that a problem for atheism? Because atheism, like all worldviews, presupposes universal categories; consequently, it presupposes its own negation. Let’s take a look at some typical examples of atheist incoherence: [ . . . ]

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