Thought Dump

You’re more likely to regret doing things you wanted to do than things you didn’t want to do.

Monarchy, in which the franchise is limited to one person, is the most efficient form of democracy.

If “so, what do you do?” weren’t the most common question asked by strangers, people would choose their careers differently. [ . . . ]

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Sundry Thoughts

The sensation of making progress is the fulcrum of sanity.

In academia, “critical thinking” means adopting the conclusions of your leftist professors. Then you are a critical thinker.

“Critical thinking”: the ability to turn Nietzsche into a misunderstood thinker who secretly believed everything that just happens to be currently in vogue. [ . . . ]

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A Psychological Interpretation of Classical Mechanics

Classical mechanics is the study of how things move in relation to force. Unsurprisingly, it was the first branch of physics discovered, and it is the foundation of all the other branches. Its principles were codified by Newton in a book called the Principia; hence, classical mechanics is sometimes referred to as Newtonian mechanics. [ . . . ]

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An Inquiry into the Nature of Freedom

Most of us think freedom is worth striving for, but how many of us have inquired into what freedom really is? There are basically two schools of thought. The one sees freedom as license, which is to say, the ability to do whatever you want; the other sees freedom as something like duty.   [ . . . ]

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Assorted Thoughts

It is easier to clarify one’s thoughts than to polish one’s style.

Mirages depend on distance for their effect. And so it is with happiness, which appears substantial and real only at a distance—whether of space or time.

“Educated” is now a euphemism for “has progressive opinions.”

This one weird trick that will make you an expert in anything: consistent practice over an extremely long period of time. [ . . . ]

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