Thought Dump #6

How is it that people can study philosophy for four years—study Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Plato, etc.—and still graduate with the same gay liberal worldview they started with?

Traits such as kindness, intelligence, humour, etc., matter to women on the condition that she’s already sexually attracted to you, just as zeros increase the absolute value of an integer on the condition that they appear to the right of it.

Being busy is a status symbol. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #5

When you spell absolutely everything out, you rob your reader of the opportunity to imagine he’s thinking for himself.

Why did Rome fall? Perhaps it just died of natural causes. If civilizations are on some level organic, then it shouldn’t surprise us that they rise and fall: all organisms rise and fall.

Happiness is like a woman: it comes around when it sees you pursuing other things. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #4

In philosophy, it is a rare answer that is more useful than the question which prompted it.

Hope is the present stealing happiness from the future. Fear is the future stealing happiness from the present. Regret is the past stealing happiness from both the present and future.

If a lot of people believe something, it’s generally considered true. Governments draw legitimacy from majority consensus rather than the Grace of God. Some atheists sincerely believe life is meaningful because space is really, really big.

Everyone is equally selfish. People who are said to be selfless just have a larger conception of the self. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #3

We often cling to the spirit for no other reason than to avoid the rigours of the letter. Fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays? Sounds hard! A lot easier to pretend that the real meaning of fasting is just to think nice thoughts.

Western civilization is already dead. All the problems it now seems to be facing—diversity, the refugee crisis, demographic implosion, etc.—are but the flies and beetles feeding on its corpse.

You can tell if a woman is slutty or not from her attitude towards wasting food. [ . . . ] 

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Thought Dump #2

In an age of total spiritual collapse, “clean your room” starts to sound like profound, life-giving wisdom.

The hymen is Nature’s freshness seal.

How to tell if you’re good looking or charming: do you catch flack on the Internet for saying things you routinely get away with in real life?

The poor distinguish themselves by ostentation, the rich by thrift. [ . . . ]

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