How the Transcendental Argument Proves Atheism Is Incoherent

The transcendental argument for the existence of God usually has something like the following form: (1) if logical absolutes exist, then God exists, because nothing short of God is adequate to explain why logical absolutes should exist; (2) logical absolutes exist, therefore God exists. Dostoyevsky’s “If God doesn’t exist, everything is permitted” is also a kind of transcendental argument; like all such arguments, it seeks to prove the existence of God by demonstrating the absurdity of the contrary.

According to the transcendental argument, God is the necessary precondition for universal categories, such as logic, morality, the uniformity of nature, etc. Why’s that a problem for atheism? Because atheism, like all worldviews, presupposes universal categories; consequently, it presupposes its own negation. Let’s take a look at some typical examples of atheist incoherence: [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #7

Stupid people can’t laugh without being obnoxious, can’t eat without smacking their lips, can’t respond to a question without first repeating it back to you, can’t speak without shouting, can’t sleep without snoring, can’t read without subvocalizing, can’t think without saying “umm” and “ahh,” indeed can’t do anything without making unnecessary noise.  

Simple ideas catch on, simple language is moving, simple machines last, simple organisms survive, simple people endure.

A piece of writing succeeds when the reader can get to the end of it before he regrets having started. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #6

How is it that people can study philosophy for four years—study Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Plato, etc.—and still graduate with the same gay liberal worldview they started with?

Traits such as kindness, intelligence, humour, etc., matter to women on the condition that she’s already sexually attracted to you, just as zeros increase the absolute value of an integer on the condition that they appear to the right of it.

Being busy is a status symbol. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #5

When you spell absolutely everything out, you rob your reader of the opportunity to imagine he’s thinking for himself.

Why did Rome fall? Perhaps it just died of natural causes. If civilizations are on some level organic, then it shouldn’t surprise us that they rise and fall: all organisms rise and fall.

Happiness is like a woman: it comes around when it sees you pursuing other things. [ . . . ]

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Thought Dump #4

In philosophy, it is a rare answer that is more useful than the question which prompted it.

Hope is the present stealing happiness from the future. Fear is the future stealing happiness from the present. Regret is the past stealing happiness from both the present and future.

If a lot of people believe something, it’s generally considered true. Governments draw legitimacy from majority consensus rather than the Grace of God. Some atheists sincerely believe life is meaningful because space is really, really big.

Everyone is equally selfish. People who are said to be selfless just have a larger conception of the self. [ . . . ]

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