An Inquiry into Nofap (Sexual Transmutation)

First off, what’s Nofap? In short, it’s an online community to support men who are trying to abstain from Internet pornography and masturbation. Nofap can also refer to the act of abstaining, so that doing Nofap is roughly equivalent to practicing chastity. At any rate, there are many benefits to doing Nofap, but the main thing people report is marked increases in social confidence and attractiveness to the opposite sex. 

As for why Nofap works, there are at least two theories.

The first is reductionist. It says that the extra female attention, which nearly everyone experiences, comes down to confidence. You see, when you abstain successfully from masturbation, you gain self-respect, which is the backbone of confidence (a trait that girls just happen to be attracted to). In this view, it is all rather simple, and perhaps many of the so-called benefits can be chalked up to the placebo effect.

The second theory is holistic. It doesn’t seek to deny that girls like confident men, or that Nofap increases one’s confidence. On the contrary, it simply says there is more to it than that, perhaps much more. In this view, one’s seed is something like the physical manifestation of one’s spiritual essence. Naturally, retaining one’s spiritual essence has all sorts of benefits, many of which make you more attractive to the opposite sex. This is the theory of sexual transmutation, and it’s as old as time.

One is tempted to chalk one’s successes up to confidence and nothing else. In today’s world, materialistic interpretations enjoy a certain prestige, so it’s no surprise that they are popular. However, the longer someone’s been doing Nofap, the more likely he is to adopt the second theory.

The reason for this is twofold. The first is that some of the benefits of Nofap defy easy explanation. The second is that it just make more sense; obviously, if one’s seed has enough power in it to create life, it probably has enough power in it to ping the radar of the opposite sex. There are so many mysteries in life. Life itself is a mystery. Why shouldn’t our seed—powerful enough to create new humans—be among them?

In the end, it doesn’t matter which theory you subscribe to, so long as it inspires you to take action. Arguing, of course, is a waste of time.