On the Benefits of Nofap (Sexual Transmutation)

Music starts to sound better

The breeze somehow feels better

Mundane, everyday activities become interesting

Better reflexes (tennis players, such as myself, report a small but noticeable difference)

Better posture, especially if your bad posture is the result of low confidence

Frequent periods of joy, for which there is no material cause

Quicker witted; bon mots are not lost on the tip of one’s tongue

More energy

Easier to get to sleep at night (this seems paradoxical, but it’s true nonetheless)

You take more pride in yourself; you dress better, pay more attention to hygiene, etc.

Less emotional deadness; gradually you become capable of feeling the whole spectrum of human emotions; in fact continence makes you more fertile on all levels: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually

Much more confident; perhaps 90% of what passes for self-help could be thrown into the garbage if guys would just stop jerking off to pixels on a screen

Girls start to notice you; wankers are as invisible to women as fat girls are to wankers

One can only assume that this is what the average guy looked like prior to the age of Internet porn

One can only assume that this is what the average guy looked like prior to the age of Internet porn

More time in the day; how much time do you think you waste finding the perfect clip to finish with?

You become talented again, which makes sense now that the creative energy flows upward into your heat and brain instead of downward into a tissue 

Overall your sexual tastes become more wholesome and vanilla; as the energy moves upward so do your tastes; so, if you were into butts exclusively, as many wankers are, you might become a boob-man again; from there you might develop a keener appreciation of a woman’s neck, lips, nose, eyes, and hair; you could say that your tastes reset to when you were a youngster

Your perversions gradually disappear 

You start to care about more things; picking up trash, being patient with people, helping them out—these things will start to feel important again

One develops grit (stick-to-it-ness)

Can no longer tolerate disorderly environments; you will find yourself doing things like cleaning your room, doing laundry, folding your clothes, making your bed, all on your own initiative

Less tolerant of bullshit from other people

Deeper voice

Mental clarity; Krishna, a Hindu sage, said that the mind is clouded by lust as fire is covered by smoke, which was perhaps his way of saying that lust causes brainfog

Thoughts are higher resolution; wankers tend to say vapid, vague crap like “all you need is love” and “diversity is our strength” 

More fluent speaker (fewer ummm’s and aaah’s)

More likely to take risks (you become “ballsy,” you have “spunk”)

You’ll lose the creep factor; it only takes a moment’s reflection to realize that spending a significant part of the day jerking off to other guys having sex is going to affect your vibe

Relief from demonic oppression; porn invites dark energy into your life

More synchronicity; you start to notice strange coincidences in your life, which seem meaningful

Life seems to take on a spiritual character

Less likely to use ellipses as all-purpose punctuation marks

One has an increased ability to see how the parts are related to the whole; to see, as it were, into the spirit of things

Shame of past behavior; it doesn’t feel good but it keeps you on the straight and narrow; society says shame and guilt are bad things, but the truth is just the opposite: they are indications that you have a functioning conscience, just as physical pain is an indication that you have functioning nerve endings

You may develop a more traditional worldview; at any rate, you are a true conservative—that is, someone who conserves the life force within

One develops a desire to Make America Great Again

You become luckier

Having close male friends does not seem gay anymore 

Courage to express unpopular opinions

Ambition to stand out from the crowd and make something of oneself; there is, of course, nothing unique about being a wanker, and there is nothing heroic about taking the path of least resistance

Less irritable, less prickly, less moody (although, more aggressive)

You possess a certain emotional buoyancy; things just won’t seem to get to you the way they used to

Inner tranquility

You feel that you are at least the equal of anyone you meet

Less dependent on drugs or alcohol; after all, there is no need to mood-alter if you’re already happy

Nofap awakens hidden talents which have hitherto lain dormant; it allows you to become who you really are

“Superpowers” (all the confidence, glow, power, and grit associated with periods of Nofap) are not magic: they are the normal state of man; one need only look at photographs of our ancestors to see how virile men used to be, how different they were from us