Thought Dump #10

War’s more momentum than strategy, more luck than skill, more checkers than chess.

No one’s his own worst critic, least of all those who claim to be.

Strength of character is basically the number of things you can say “No” to.

Those who call themselves skeptics are rarely skeptical about their right to be skeptical.

There are few things more persuasive than an idea that’s easy to understand. Indeed Islam’s whole appeal is its ridiculous simplicity: “There is only one God and Muhammad is His prophet.”

Every historical drama ever: the bad guys believe everything appropriate for the time period, and the good guys believe everything currently in vogue.

Here’s the origin of the ridiculous book-a-day trend: stupid people see smart people reading books and infer that reading makes you smart.

Part of the reason the rich and powerful get depressed and kill themselves is that their unique problems attract zero sympathy.

The self is a dead end.