Thought Dump #11

The more nihilistic we are, the more things we find cringe-worthy. Spending time with your family? Cringe! Trying hard to achieve a goal? Double cringe! The devil probably thinks God is totally cringe.

The best way to learn a new word is to learn its etymology, as that’s the root of all its various meanings.

If you’re not a hypocrite, the standards you hold yourself to are too low.

Why self-help is garbage: we already know what we should do. What we lack is the strength to do it.

A “conservative” is just a liberal who wants lower taxes.

Vice means stealing happiness from your future self.

The Left’s idea that you are a good person simply by holding certain opinions is just a parody of the Protestant idea that you are justified by faith alone.

If you want to be taken seriously, your beliefs have to be about 90% mainstream. The other 10% can be slightly outside the mainstream. Then you can be a brilliant iconoclast thinker, like Jordan Peterson.

There’s nothing easier than swearing off women when you’re ugly and undesirable.

There’s no philosophy that does as much good as physical exercise.

Fortunate are those whose talents happen to be in demand.

Sin corrupts your aesthetic sense no less than your intellect.

There is no reason not to think that Adam and Eve literally existed, the flood literally occurred, demons literally exist, God literally became man, died, and rose from the dead, etc.