Thought Dump #12

If you ever feel small and insignificant, it helps to remember that scores of hyper-intelligent demons are diligently plotting your eternal damnation.

If there’s one thing lacking in the modern world, it’s candlelight.

Our motives are rarely simple, and never pure.

Life isn’t fair: bad things happen to you—a good person—while bad people prosper. Life isn’t fair: Christ died for your sins, though you did absolutely nothing to deserve it.

If most people were autistic, normie behaviour would be considered socially awkward.

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, precisely because it is under no obligation to conform to our expectations about what is realistic.

There is no shortage of love in the world—self-love.

The classic is that which somehow manages to get passed down from generation to generation despite never actually being popular.

It’s a turn off when the woman wants to have sex more than you do, just as it’s a turn off when the guy wants to cuddle more than the woman does.

“I hate people”: a socially acceptable way of saying “I’m better than everyone else.”

A successful writer: one who articulates fashionable opinions eloquently.

Nowadays the answer to every question is equality. In fact, equality is presupposed before any questions are asked; the question is never whether two things are equal, but how they are equal. Unsurprisingly, a lot of mental gymnastics goes into explaining away obvious inequalities. Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about. Is English less complex than ancient Greek? No, no, it is not. Yes, English is only weakly inflected; nouns, adjectives, and participles seldom change form to indicate their grammatical function. And grammatical gender has been all but abandoned. But English syntax is a beast. If you knew anything about linguistics, friend, you’d see that English is equally complex—just in different ways. Are whites more accomplished than Australian Aboriginals? No, no, they are not. Sure, we whites have been behind almost every technical innovation ever, to say nothing of our artistic and philosophical achievements, which are completely without parallel. But don’t sleep on the Australian Aboriginals: being in touch with nature has to count for something. And what about the Crusades? It’s just your Eurocentric prejudices that make you think white civilization is in any way superior to that of the Abos.

There are some truths that stupid people are more likely to grasp than smart people, simply because they don’t have the intellectual horsepower to rationalize them away.