Thought Dump #6

How is it that people can study philosophy for four years—study Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Plato, etc.—and still graduate with the same gay liberal worldview they started with?

Traits such as kindness, intelligence, humour, etc., matter to women on the condition that she’s already sexually attracted to you, just as zeros increase the absolute value of an integer on the condition that they appear to the right of it.

Being busy is a status symbol.

A woman is like a shadow: she flees when you pursue, and pursues when you flee.

Men can be ranked by how easily their thirst for truth is assuaged.

We can often improve a paragraph by deleting most of the sentences in it.        

Nothing motivates the individual like pain, nothing motivates the group like hatred.

But for women, every man would live like Thoreau.

Fasting relieves us from psychological suffering by replacing it with physical suffering. We seem to have an instinct for it; when we are tormented by something, we don’t need to be told to stop eating.

As far as women are concerned, the average male height is 6’2”, because that’s the average height of the men they notice.

Real intelligence is whatever computers can’t do. No one can do arithmetic better than a calculator; mental math is a superficial form of intelligence. The world’s best chess player is no match for a computer; again, the ability to play chess must be a superficial form of intelligence. It’s conceivable that a computer could be programmed to have the ability to get every question right on IQ test, at least one that tested non-verbal intelligence exclusively. What conclusion can we draw from this except that IQ tests fail to measure the kind of intelligence that is uniquely human?

People will pretty much tell you explicitly what they want you to think of them. “I’m a smart person.” “I’m a good person.” “I’m the kind of guy you want in your corner, dude.”

It’s incredible that we tolerate politicians who don’t even write their own speeches, musicians who don’t even write their own music, etc.

The aphorism is the literary equivalent of serve-and-volley tennis. 

There are, perhaps, as many varieties of writer as there are varieties of musician. James Joyce and La Rochefoucauld are both writers, Johnny Cash and Vivaldi are both musicians.

“Wasting time,” in the common parlance, means failing to exchange time for money as efficiently as possible.

We underutilize implicit forms of rebellion: saying “policeman” instead of “police officer.” Saying “to each his own” instead of “to each their own.”

Obscurity is its own refutation.