Thought Dump #8

Thinkers admire doers; doers rarely reciprocate.

If all your opinions are promoted by all the people who make all the decisions all the time, you’re probably not the rebel you think you are.

Just because you’re poor, unsuccessful, weak, and unlikable doesn’t mean you’re not a self-made man.

Logic is just the morality of thinking.

Who made money during the Gold Rush? Those who sold pickaxes, pans, etc. Who makes money on the Internet today? Those who sell web hosting, those who offer to set up your blog, etc.

No writer has so thoroughly mastered the art of omitting needless words as the one who never publishes in the first place.

Necessity gives us the sensation of freedom. Choice gives us the sensation of being trapped.  

The ancient was extroverted, modern man is introverted.

The ancients are watching

The ancients are watching

There is something in us that recognizes truth once we see it; it need only be pointed out.

To win a debate, it’s enough to convince your opponent that you understand his position better than he does. This is totally demoralizing.

A good rule of thumb: do not write anything you wouldn’t carve into stone.

  • Civilization depends on the institution of monogamy

  • What’s so special about monogamy? Two things: one, it’s pussy socialism; by artificially restricting the number of women any one man can have, it ensures that almost everyone can find a mate; two, it forces guys to jump through certain hoops in order to get laid, namely, being employed and getting married

  • Of course, men will only work as hard as it takes to get laid regularly; if getting laid is easy, they won’t work; if getting laid is impossible, they won’t work; the genius of monogamy is that it makes sex widely available while limiting access to it to those willing to perform socially-constructive labour

  • Just as a watermill harnesses the flow of a river to generate electricity, so too monogamy harnesses men’s sexual desires to create civilization

  • Now, consider the damage wrought by the pill, Tinder, etc.:

  • All constraints on female sexuality have been lifted; consequently, the pussy flows freely to the top 20% of men, Chad

  • It used to be that if you worked hard you could reasonably expect to find a decent woman to start a family with: not anymore

  • So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that many guys have opted to drop out of society: why bother producing more than you consume if you’re not getting something major out of it? Meanwhile, civilization crumbles

  • A moment’s reflection will show that you can’t have civilization if you aren’t willing to control women’s natural sexuality through enforced monogamy

Sensitive children turn into adults with thick protective shells.

Other people’s opinions are dangerous because we instinctively value them more than we ought to.  

Having “conversations” in order to find common ground with your ideological opponents—totally ineffective, and what’s worse, totally gay.

Writers who waste half their words apologizing for the other half.

What we call progress is mostly entropy.

Clarity is the ultimate eloquence.