Sundry Thoughts

The sensation of making progress is the fulcrum of sanity.

In academia, “critical thinking” means adopting the conclusions of your leftist professors. Then you are a critical thinker.

“Critical thinking”: the ability to turn Nietzsche into a misunderstood thinker who secretly believed everything that just happens to be currently in vogue.

Dirty rooms tend to stay dirty, clean rooms tend to stay clean.

It is hard to have depraved thoughts when you are hiking, fishing, or swimming in a lake. On the other hand, we degenerate quickly when we are indoors, alone, and secluded from nature.

 Pure skies, pure thoughts

Pure skies, pure thoughts

There are souls too course to experience sadness. They only have access to anger.

Bad writers try to write well, great writers try to write well enough.

It is exponentially more difficult to write a sentence than a word, a paragraph than a sentence, an essay than a paragraph, a book than an essay.

He is who compelled to do the right thing is in some ways freer than he who chooses to do the wrong thing.

The term “double standard” precariously assumes that there is no valid reason for treating two things differently.

Lao Tse wrote that “if you keep stretching a bow, you repent of the pull.” To this we might add if you stretch a bow long enough you will warp it, which destroys into ability to convert potential energy into kinetic energy. Similarly, one’s “potential” in life is eventually lost if one does not convert it into actual achievement.    

The artist requires, first and last, good taste. Without good taste, he has no idea what to change, what to remove, what to add, when to stop.

Our moods are a kind of internal weather.

Good manners means not talking about yourself.

For most people, it is better to be wrong than alone. This explains why people are eager to go along with majority opinion even when they know it’s wrong.

Atheists blame the fall of Rome on Christianity; libertarians on economic policy; materialists on lead poisoning; and so on. 

Feeling horny usually just means you’re bored.

“Sexual transmutation” is a fancy term for doing something other than jerking off when you’re horny.

The chief danger in having an all-or-nothing attitude towards Nofap is that every setback gets blown way out of proportion. Imagine you are collecting firewood. Isn’t it inevitable that you will drop a few sticks? It would be strange if you didn’t. Does that mean all your effort is wasted? Of course not! And it is the same with Nofap.

Why is self-discipline so hard? Partly because we are not one person only but many people. The person who made a vow is not the person who broke it.

Nietzsche’s ethical system is merely an inversion of Bentham’s: not the greatest good for the greatest quantity, but the greatest good for the greatest quality.