Assorted Thoughts

It is easier to clarify one’s thoughts than to polish one’s style.

Mirages depend on distance for their effect. And so it is with happiness, which appears substantial and real only at a distance—whether of space or time.

“Educated” is now a euphemism for “has progressive opinions.”

This one weird trick that will make you an expert in anything: consistent practice over an extremely long period of time. [ . . . ]

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An Attempt to Define the Ratio Decidendi

“The point that decides the case.”

“The principle the case establishes.” (The focus of this definition is on what other judges make of the express ratio of the case. Of course, rationes can be extended, whittled down, or taken at face value. It is largely up to the court. This definition focuses on the actual precedent value of the case).

The rule of law towards which the court argues, upon which its holding is based, and in accordance with which similar cases shall be decided.   [ . . . ]

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On the Benefits of Nofap (Sexual Transmutation)

Music starts to sound better

The breeze somehow feels better

Mundane, everyday activities become interesting

Better reflexes (tennis players, such as myself, report a small but noticeable difference)

Better posture, especially if your bad posture is the result of low confidence [ . . . ]

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How to Change Your Life

There’s nothing harder in the entire world than changing your life. So few are successful at it that we sometimes wonder if it’s possible at all.

Why? Because we do not change our environment. Consequently, we are we are forced to rely entirely on willpower to get the job done. This approach is like fighting a land war in Russia: sure, you might be successful for a while, but winter is coming, and you are a long way from home. [ . . . ]

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An Inquiry into Nofap (Sexual Transmutation)

First off, what’s Nofap? In short, it’s an online community to support men who are trying to abstain from Internet pornography and masturbation. Nofap can also refer to the act of abstaining, so that doing Nofap is roughly equivalent to practicing chastity. At any rate, there are many benefits to doing Nofap, but the main thing people report is marked increases in social confidence and attractiveness to the opposite sex. 

As for why Nofap works, there are at least two theories. [ . . . ]

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